Cyber Wei

Sr. Consultant @ J.M.Gemini Recruitment / J.M.Gemini Personnal Limit Company

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 Over seven years working experience including executive searching working in an international/local headhunter company for three years.  Over 2 years in charging of a branch operation department, mainly responsible for business development and customer service, keep a long term and good relationship with company functional mgr to help turnover the business revenue.  Abundance acute with human. My case’s success rate is so high base on good understanding about recruitment need and candidate analyses in accordance with competency and capability.  HR consultant working improved my communication skill and ability; National wide recruitment initiatives supporting experience and background brought me at strong organization, operation, planning and team management ability.  Ability to communicate with business line and top management executive.  Strong leadership and project management skill. Will share professional knowledge with team member.  Creative/Enthusiastic/Independent work/Can work under challenge and high pressure environment.

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J.M.Gemini Personnal Limit Company   独资企业: 51-200人   法律


Sr. Consultant @ J.M.Gemini Recruitment

J.M.Gemini is an international executive search firm that specializes in the Asia marketplace with extensive experience in wide range of industries and well-established regional network. The company provides executive search service to multi-national companies with operations in Asia, most of which are Fortune 500 companies.




Yangzhou University Bachelor of Arts Major in Music Normal Education

  • Recruitment Consultant
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