Eileen Yang

Senior Consultant / VERSAL

西安  其他


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VERSAL   民营企业: 51-200人   其他


Senior Consultant


a. Responsible for target industry customer information analysis, research of clients’ demand; b. Responsible for market development, recruitment agreement and good client relations maintenance; c. Collecting and analyzing detailed information of clients’ requirements, implementing effective recruitment action; d. Confirming candidates’ ability and qualifications from clients’ demand, analyzing the market and establishing the search direction and goal; e. Using effective tools to search suitable candidates; f. Managing applicants’ personnel materials, setting up talent pool; g. Responsible for the important position candidates’ background survey according to the actual situation need; h. Responsible for talent market research to understand the talent demand conditions and the personnel dynamic

Newegg.com   独资企业: 501-1000人   互联网/电子商务


ACM/APM/Marketing Specialist


1. Assisting in Marketing Place project, contact American merchants and affiliates with close relationship; 2. Actualize the merchant management, affiliate management, pricing, cost, purchasing, promotion, inventory management; 3. Survey in North America market, collecting industry original data, calculating marketing diversification and making kinds of relevant report to headquarter for reviewing; 4. Recruiting and training new department staffs; 5. Coordinate with PM to complement other relevant project.

HD Dimension   独资企业: 501-1000人   互联网/电子商务


HRO Manager

1. Assisting American head office to formulate HRO project plan, responsible for implementation and management of HRO project to ensure the realization of the project quality and cost control; 2. Studying American IT, Finance and medicine marketing to recruit suitable candidates as reserves; 3. Analyzing IT, Finance, Medicine clients’ needs to provide right candidates to meet their requirements; 4. Leading HRO department to investigate the American talent market, analyzing the marketing needs, ensuring company direction adapted to the target market and clients; 5. Responsible for team construction and establishing KPI methods; 6. Responsible for recruiting and training HRO new staffs. Achievements: 1. 35 total orders in 2009, 11.6 orders/per person; 2. 44 total orders in 2008, 10 orders/per person.




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